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A Compendium of Joel Goldsmith’s Writings and Recordings

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This Compendium is a unique resource for any reader wanting to study from the specific class recordings used for each of Joel Goldsmith’s books. It also provides additional reference lists for anyone wanting to know where a particular recording was used in any of Joel’s books.

These additional cross-referenced listings allow the readers to enrich their studies with more context. They can begin with a particular recorded message and find all the various places it was used in the writings or choose any published material and find all the recordings that were used in writing it.

Also included is an index of the key words in the books’ titles, chapter titles, and sub-chapter titles, as well as an index of the key words used in the titles of Joel’s recorded classes. This latest Compendium of books and pamphlets has been updated to include all new book titles and the names of Joel’s more recently added recordings.

Originally compiled by Denice Jutras, founder of Mystics of the World.

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